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Steam coal slime drying project site: Shandong steam coal slime dryer running video



  Recently, the steam drying coal slime project of our company was officially completed in Shandong. Today, we will share the project site: Shandong steam coal slime dryer running video:

  This project is coal slime dryer equipment designed and manufactured by our company for the specific needs of our customers. Our company provides customers with turnkey projects for steam coal slime dryer equipment design, production, installation and commissioning. The heat source needs steam steam source, and the multi-stage dust removal equipment is used to solve the problem of tail gas treatment. The steam coal slime dryer is put into operation and the coal slurry is quickly dried. The equipment has been officially put into operation, and Shandong customer has given the team to our company. With high evaluation and recognition, our company will continue to provide technical support and services to ensure the utilization of customers after the project is putting into production.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a manufacturer of large-scale coal slime dryer equipment. The equipment capacity can reach 300~3000 tons/day. It can be customized according to customer needs. A variety of heat sources can be used to solve environmental problems.  Welcomes everyone call 15670626070 to discuss project cooperation.


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