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Bean dregs dryers are widely used in the drying of materials in industries such as cement, mining, building materials, grain, and compound fertilizer production. In order to control the temperature of the dryer, thermocouples are installed in the inlet and outlet devices, and the dryer can be displayed by a thermometer. The temperature changes of the incoming and outgoing materials can be used to display the temperature changes at the inlet and outlet ends of the dryer, which provides data for better control of the working temperature in the cylinder.

The soybean dregs dryer production line is a set of continuous soybean dregs drying equipment designed and manufactured for the drying process of the by-product soybean dregs after extracting soybean protein from soybean meal. The whole set of equipment is composed of coal-fired hot air furnace, feeding and discharging equipment, and rotary drum drying. Machine, high and low temperature pipelines, dust removal system, lifting conveying system, finished product cooling system, finished product warehouse, electric control system, steel frame and other equipment and institutions.

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