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Beet is shredded and mixed with fully extracted sugar. The sugar beet residue is called sugar beet pulp (beet pulp). It has the advantages of soft and juicy, nutritious and palatability, high digestibility and low price. It is a good juicy feed for domestic animals, and has a lactogenic effect on mother animals, and is mostly used for feeding cattle. Beet residue has a large water content and is not easy to store. It can be stored for a long time after drying. It can be fed with concentrated feed to reduce feeding costs.

Beet residue dryer technology is mature, and the drying equipment is equipped with special dehydration, temperature adjustment, material lifting, material guiding, breaking and other devices, which effectively avoids wall sticking and blockage. The dried potato residue is not paste, black, and saccharified, and the taste and nutrients are better protected.

The company provides free beet residue drying technical solutions, a list of beet residue drying equipment configuration, dryer price quotations, the cost of drying one ton of beet residue, and the heat source of the drying equipment.

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