Dingli brewer’s grain dryer reduces energy consumption and improves evironmental effects

2018-03-12 16:06:01
Brewer’s grain dryer can be dried according to the needs of the user. During the wine-making process, cereals are fermented and distilled. Brewer’s grain will be left and brewer’s grain will be used to make farm feeds and biomass fuels through brewer’s grain dryer. Brewer’s grain contain large amounts of combustible components such as rice husks. Contains a lot of grain residues, rich in crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat and other high-molecular nutrients, and is one of the sources of feed protein production after being processed. This distiller-dryer plays a key role in the use of brewer’s grain dryer to save energy and improve waste recycling.
Pasture Dryer .jpg
Brewer’s grain dryer is mainly used in the raw materials of wineries, the drying of leftovers can effectively save the cost for customers, the equipment has good environmental effects, low energy consumption, the overall design of the dryer is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the equipment is greatly reduced. The operation of the brewer’s grain drying equipment is very simple.