Effect of feeding speed of biomass dryer on drying effect

2018-03-13 14:17:05
The speed of the material flow in the drum during the operation of the biomass dryer directly affects the entire drying process. Dingli designed the flow velocity according to the actual requirements of material drying. If it is too slow, the drying time is long; if it is too fast, the drying effect is not good, and the heat exchange with the heat source does not fully affect the dehydration rate, so the reasonable control of the material flow rate by the biomass dryer is an important step to complete the drying work.
Biomass drying equipment, also known as energy-efficient biomass drying equipment, is a new type of drying equipment developed on the basis of a tumble dryer. It adopts downstream drying, a new type of raising material system structure and an insulation system to fully realize it. Heat exchange and thermal conversion improve heat utilization rate and drying efficiency. According to the specific requirements of customers on environmental protection indicators, the matching and selection of dust remover can be carried out to reduce the exhaust gas temperature and emission concentration of tail gas dust, thus ensuring energy saving and reduction.