Problems in improving the quality of beer residue drying pellets

2018-05-21 15:32:15
Not only the beer residue are used to make feeds for a wide range of applications, but beer residue, beer grains, sorghum beer grains, and other fermented grains are often used in the breeding industry, but how beer residue can be transformed into higher quality products. Dingli’s beer residue dryer said that the brewer's dry cleaning technology must meet the technical requirements for improving the quality of beer residue feed.
The greatest effect of beer residue dryer is high-capacity dehydration, avoiding qualitative change. The current beer residue drying technology can fully meet this requirement, effectively extending the preservation time of beer residue, and facilitating storage and reprocessing. However, in the process of drying beer residue, it is easy to cause secondary pollution, which not only damages the quality of beer residue, but also directly affects the taste of beer residue feed. The clean and drying technology of beer residue dryer is pioneered and developed and applied. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order beer residue dryer.