Small brewer's spent grain dryer price

2018-05-22 17:22:21
What is the price of a small stills brewer's spent grain dryer? To a greater extent, I still look at the capacity of the brewer's spent grain dryer. Dingli supply equipment for the complete production line of small vinasse driers. It specializes in customers' hands-off projects and high quality delivery.
The small distillers dryer is more suitable for investment, low price, short project period and quick return, and is a kind of production capacity specification with a larger market demand. The output of small vinasse dryer can be several tens of tons. The main supporting equipment consists of small brewer's dregs dehydration machines, small-scale dryers, dust collectors, feeders, power distribution cabinets and other related ancillary equipment. Dingli supply small brewer's spent grain dryer for many years, mature technology, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and high intelligence.