Dingli creating high quality distillers dryer production line

2018-05-26 17:32:44
With the use of distiller's grains to create economically tens of millions of economic returns, it is normal to add more distiller's grains drying production lines. How do you catch up? It is imperative to invest in a distillers dryer production line.
Distillers Dryer Project Construction Necessity. Distiller's grains create economic benefits The first solution is to solve the problem of lees pollution. Distiller's grains have high water content at the factory, generally more than 60%. Both transportation and warehousing have the risk of pollution and deterioration. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out dehydration and drying of distillers grains. A distillers dryer production line consists of distillers' grains dehydrated and squeezed, dried distiller's grains at a high temperature, and eventually reaches the moisture content standard required for the distillers' grain reprocessing process. Distillers' grains, for example, require a moisture content of 13%. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order distillers dryer production line.