After brewer’s spent grain drying, the price is still high

2018-05-28 21:49:04

The original slag of brewer's dregs is cheap, but the price of dried brewers' grains is drastically increased after the brewer's drier is dried at a high temperature. The current price of wine mash is more than 160 US dollars/ton in the international market, and the Chinese sales price is also 1400 yuan/ton. After brewer’s spent grain are dried, the prices are generally higher and they are more marketable.


Drying brewer’s spent grain are widely used in the feed processing and breeding industry, and the market demand is large. Dingli's brewer’s spent grain dryer continued to optimize its products in 2018, increasing price and profit, not only in the domestic continuous cooperation with large-scale breweries, to jointly build a brewer’s spent grain drying production line, but also to open market abroad, orders continue.