How to realize fast drying of potato residue

2018-06-11 21:38:05
Potato residue is also known as ground egg slag, or Yangshan slag, which can be used for feed production with high development value, but its large water content, small bulk density, dehydration and drying is difficult, how can the potato dregs quickly dry? Dingli supplies a complete set of dehydration drying equipment for potato residues to solve the bottleneck problem of difficult to dehydrate and difficult to store and transport.
The potato dregs dryer is suitable for rapid drying of various materials, such as potato residue, cassava residue, sweet potato residue, artichoke residue, sugar beet residue and other high-humidity bad slags, and achieves 13% of the final moisture content standard through high-temperature drying. Dingli supplies environmentally friendly and low-cost type potato slag drying machine. This machine gathers various patented technologies of the company such as thermal insulation technology, three-layer drum drying structure, high-temperature resistant technology, combustor cleaning technology, transmission technology and fire tunnel technology, etc. The utilization rate of heat is increased by 30%, which greatly reduces the power consumption and fuel cost of the dregs dryer.
The supply of complete sets of equipment for rapid drying of potato slags not only has a high level of technical protection, but also allows them to continue to enjoy personalized, high-quality and long-lasting services.