Sawdust dryer assists China's energy-saving and emission reduction biomass energy

2018-06-12 21:45:47
Biomass energy is an important energy carrier for energy conservation and emission reduction in China. It advocates that it can expand the application fields in China's energy market, reduce the dependence of the energy market on thermal power and hydropower, and build a good energy environment for the construction of ecological civilization in China, starting from the pollution source area. Building an ecological growth model. However, the high production cost of biomass energy and the high market price have become the constraints of its rapid development in China. How to reduce the cost of biomass is critical.
sawdust dryer.jpg
Sawdust dryer is an important quality-improvement equipment for the sawdust biomass particle fuel production line, which affects the production efficiency and product quality of the production line. Dingli’s sawdust dryer has high drying efficiency, good quality, and low energy consumption, which greatly improves the molding rate and fuel quality of sawdust drying pellet production line. It has been verified in the project of foreign customers, and the customer's additional production line still uses our equipment.